Marliave, the Downtown Crossing joint that opened last year in the same space as a restaurant of the same name that had stayed open for more than 120 years, is getting some love of late.

When the Marliave first reopened in 2008, Chowhounds loved the historical atmosphere (it “feels like you have stepped back in time 50 years,” says Carty), but others were a bit put off by the place’s two disparate menus: fancy Continental classics upstairs, and Prohibition-era cocktails, updated American cuisine, and a more casual atmosphere downstairs. Now the two menus are much more integrated, with an “After 5” menu that’s available on both levels of the restaurant.

Bob Dobalina says the changed menu means diners now need choose only by atmosphere: “I think the upstairs is more suitable to quiet conversation and downstairs is more open and more focused on the bar, so more prone to louder conversations. Just depends on the mood which one you might prefer.”

Picks from the menu: tender, juicy, roasted sirloin lamb; the enormous Reuben sandwich, served on airy house-baked rye bread; plump and clean mussels in a fragrant herb broth; and the garlicky roast chicken. Marliave also has a fine burger; order it with a side of Boston baked beans.

Marliave [Downtown Crossing]
10 Bosworth Street, Boston

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Marliave 1/30/09

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