Pizza lovers, take note: Another member of that rare breed, the Vera Pizza Napoletana-certified chef, has been spotted in Mountain View.

At the new Napoletana Pizzeria, “pizzas bake in the wood-fired oven in view of diners for a very toasty crust, light and tender inside,” says eatzalot.

“Tried a selection from the menu of pizza offerings, and you can bet I’ll return,” eatzalot continues. The toppings are almost completely house-made, like the nutmeg-scented crumbled sausage, applied with a light hand. There’s shaved prosciutto, added post-bake, but don’t expect pepperoni.

Neapolitan pizza newbies would do well to start with the simple, classic margherita (tomato, cheese, and basil). “Margherita and quattro formaggi [four-cheese] pizzas were stunningly good, from the charred crust to the delicately balanced toppings,” raves anyhow, who deems the Caesar salad “sublime.”

“With no additional comments on the other area pizza shops, this one is THE ONE FOR ME,” anyhow concludes.

Napoletana Pizzeria [South Bay]
1910 W El Camino Real, Mountain View

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