Unlike over-the-top sticky buns, a morning bun “is just croissant dough lathered up with cinnamon sugar,” says BeanBoy, “but Masse’s morning buns are baked to sheer perfection.”

Strangely, he finds Masse’s croissants underwhelming; they’re saggy in the middle and more crumbly than crispy. “But take that same dough and twist it up into a morning bun and it is magic,” BeanBoy says. The slightly caramelized sugar doesn’t get gooey, and the crisp pastry still manages to dissolve on your tongue.

La Farine also makes a great morning bun, note a few hounds, and the College Avenue location has the advantage of being next door to the great coffee at Cole. Masse’s coffee is on the weak side, BeanBoy says—better to get the tea.

rworange loves the morning bun at Hopkins Street Bakery: “It is a soft yet flaky, yeasty bun with a delicate dusting of sugar and cinnamon.” There’s a cranberry version too, which has a nice tang.

The Downtown Bakery in Healdsburg makes a top-notch cinnamon breakfast roll that’s also available at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, says SFDude. “It is just excellent sweet bread rolled with cinnamon and sugar.”

Masse’s Pastries [East Bay]
1469 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

La Farine [East Bay]
6323 College Avenue, Oakland

La Farine [East Bay]
3411 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland

La Farine [East Bay]
1820 Solano Avenue, Berkeley

Cole Coffee [East Bay]
6255 College Avenue, Oakland

Hopkins Street Bakery [East Bay]
1584 Hopkins Street, Berkeley

Downtown Bakery & Creamery [Sonoma County]
308 Center Street, Healdsburg

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market [Embarcadero]
1 Ferry Building #50, San Francisco

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