I’m not above taking a shortcut now and again in the name of health, but I’ve never understood the appeal of fortified waters. (And some of them may not actually be good for you after all.) So the idea of fortified water for your dog just seems ridiculous. (Please note that I am a proud and at times probably overattentive dog owner, but even I have my limits.)

Our Hero Enhanced Dog Water is “triple filtered” and “fortified with nutrients to meet the needs of dogs at all stages of their lives”; the website even talks about “the bond between man and dog [being] strengthened by, of all things, water.” All of which just gets my hackles up, especially the trite name. I mean do we really need another prepackaged, supposedly health-conscious bit of mumbo jumbo to spend our money on? If you wanna do right by your pup, how about trying homemade dog food instead?

Though I must admit, the further I read, the weaker my objections grew. For instance my dog’s sensitive stomach has foiled my attempts to add glucosamine to her diet, which she could really use for her slightly tweaked hips. But maybe Our Hero’s Hip & Joint formula might work!

Damn marketing.

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