Suze123 has been gifted with a dinner at L’Espalier and wants to know whether she should opt for the special-treat chef’s table in the kitchen or just sit in the dining room?

Go for the kitchen, says Joseph Helfgot, who chose that option a few weeks back to celebrate his son’s birthday. The service was so exquisite that servers literally walked diners through the kitchen on the way to the bathroom to ensure their safety, and offered careful explanations of each of the 14 dishes on the menu. There was also a kitchen tour with the chef, which is a fascinating look at “how a truly professional high end kitchen is run,” says Joseph.

Others disagreed, saying that the food was more the point than the service at L’Espalier, and that the kitchen space was cramped. But everyone agreed that both the seasonal and chef’s tasting menus are wonderful, if a bit rich at times, particularly the beef dishes. Suze was also reminded to ask the cheese cart to wheel by, otherwise cheese would be plated less festively.

L’Espalier [Back Bay]
774 Boylston Street, Boston

Board Link: Chef’s Table at L’Espalier

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