You can savor Spot Dessert Bar’s smartly conceived Asian-accented sweets à la carte for $8 or $9 a plate. Or you can gather some friends and go all in on the $50 chef’s sampler: six dessert plates and a selection of six cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or ice creams.

bigjeff chose the latter route and doesn’t regret it. The dessert plates, known as “tapas,” were beautifully composed and rich in texture, color, and flavor without being overly sweet. The best was the sesame pear crisp, a “supremely crispy thing” with pomegranate seeds, basil ice cream, and a squiggle of chocolate ganache. Other winners were the Macoun apple Tatin, a composition in fruit, caramel, and chocolate with black miso ice cream; a white miso semifreddo with raspberries, olive oil, and an almond tuile; and the Yuzu Eskimo (a hit during last summer’s CHOW Tour): slices of frozen citrus-scented cream with blackberries, raspberry foam, chocolate pearls, and crushed Oreos. Among the smaller bites, standouts included clean-tasting apple mint mojito sorbet, a crisp milk chocolate cookie, and a chocolate chip–coconut cookie (“a monster that was at least 65% chocolate”).

Overall, jeff adds, your $50 will be well spent: “it’s a great sampler and you cover all of their ground.” But be prepared for a wait; Spot is squeezed into a cozy downstairs space. And given the tight quarters and some plates that aren’t easy to share, “make sure you are eating with some close friends!”

Spot Dessert Bar [East Village]
13 St. Marks Place (between Second and Third avenues), Manhattan

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