The Wall Street Journal has written a great guide to what you can (and can’t) learn from a wine label when you have nothing else to go on.

It’s full of handy (and surprisingly amusing) advice, from sticking to wines with an alcohol content of 14 percent and under, to interpreting animal labels: “When it comes to less-expensive wines, we’d avoid wines where the cute animal seems to be the main point of the wine.” Another useful detail to look for? A phone number. “We have found that this is a sign of a highly personal winery … it’s amazing how often the winemaker or winery owner answers the phone.”

The whole list is well worth a read, and I think it may find a place on the side of my fridge—but what the WSJ should really do is make the story into a printable pdf pocket guide.

Thanks to YumSugar for bringing this article to my attention.

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