Chowhounds have settled right in, glasses in hand, at Edi & the Wolf. This Austrian-style tavern, opened a month ago by the owners of Seäsonal, serves comfort food that goes well with drinks.

A highlight of 2slices‘ visit was slow-poached eggs with bacon, apple, wild mushrooms, and Brussels sprouts (cooked precisely to 65.5 degrees Celsius, according to the helpful proprietor). Alsatian-style flatbreads come with toppings that include speck, cipollini, and cured fig. Other good bets are spätzle (with wild mushrooms and Brussels sprouts), cured pork belly (sliced thin and served with horseradish, pearl onions, and quince), and steak with parsnips, fried peppers, and mustard greens. The wine and beer list leans heavily toward Germany and Austria, with a smattering of French and a couple of American craft brews.

The room is dark, woodsy, and inviting—”like I was in a fancy Nordic hobbit hole,” 2slices writes—and hounds are embracing the newest addition to downtown’s Little Mitteleuropa. “I Iove Cafe Katja,” says mlle_mustard, “but Edi’s going to seriously tug at my loyalty. I’d say for fun & lively, plus the thrill of going someplace new, Edi’s your place. And, if you don’t like it, Zum Schneider is a minute away.”

Edi & the Wolf [East Village]
102 Avenue C (near Seventh Street), Manhattan

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