“Like many Chowhounders I consider the beef rolls at 101 Noodle Express to represent the gold standard for that item,” says Chandavkl, but East Dumpling King in Rosemead has a version that “gives 101 Noodle Express a run for its money.”

At East Dumpling King, they fill the beef roll with chunks of beef stew meat, and toast the wrap a little. The result: a very delicious beef roll, and quite different from the 101 Noodle Express version.

East Dumpling King is in the food court at the 99 Ranch Market shopping center.

101 Noodle Express [San Gabriel Valley]
1408 East Valley Boulevard, Alhambra

East Dumpling King [Rosemead]
8150 Garvey Avenue, Rosemead

Board Link: Beef Stew Beef Rolls at East Dumpling King

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