People just don’t understand how to enjoy the izakaya experience, says jdwdeville.

At jdwdeville’s last visit to the beloved no-fuss favorite Place Yuu, “We watched three (seriously, 3!) walk-outs … in the course of our dinner. All were American (or, at least non-Japanese) parties … All were furious over the pacing of the meal.”

So, says jdwdeville, go here and enjoy the very good food, but do it in the proper spirit of chill. Know what you’re getting: relaxed pacing, a trickle of dishes. There’s great stuff here, from sautéed shishito peppers with sesame seed to seared sashimi with dipping sauce. There’s particularly delicious homemade fish cake, wrapped around gobo and fried.

“Anyway, ‘hounds, can we give Yuu a lil love?” asks jdwdeville. “I think they deserve it and I’d hate to see another night like last night!”

Place Yuu [Sawtelle Strip]
2101 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles

Discuss: can Place Yuu get a little love? (or, can we start explaining “pacing” at the door?)

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