Nothing makes a serious hound happier than a thread highlighting cuisines he doesn’t know much about—and restaurants where he can get to know them better. To wit: A former New York hound returns home from Chicago seeking so-called “obscure” ethnic eats he can’t find in the Windy City. He wants to make the most of his time chomping about the Big Apple, and is open to the far reaches of Queens and Brooklyn. Within 24 hours Chowhounds have rewarded his inquiry with over a dozen replies, from suggestions for Fuzhou (a subset of Chinese), Georgian, and Keralan (Southwestern Indian) cuisines to a Korean-Uzbek restaurant with the amazing name Café at Your Mother-in-Law, which naturally will top our restaurant destination list as of today … with or without a mother-in-law in tow.

Café at Your Mother in Law [Brighton Beach]
3071 Brighton Fourth Street, Brooklyn

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