I am something of a candy cane addict, so much so that when I was a child I had a strategic method of stealing canes from the Christmas tree so that my family wouldn’t notice for as long as possible (the trick is to keep all the canes spaced out evenly). I’m such a junkie that I’ll eat any candy cane, even those tiny ones in plastic that you buy 100 for $3. But the canes from TruSweets are the most delicious I’ve ever had.

TruSweets canes don’t look that great in the box. They’re colored with fruit juice so they shine a kind of dull red and dirty white. But the ingredients on the side are choice: real sugar, natural peppermint flavor. No corn syrup! And the taste … oh my. There is not a trace of the sharp hotness of lesser canes, nor the gumminess that corn syrup imparts. The mint is gentle, pure, and wonderful. The only better gift I could get for Christmas is to have these canes sold year-round.

TruSweets canes are sold at Whole Foods and other natural foods stores for about $3.99 for 10.

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