“The key to Farm Shop is the high quality of the best ingredients, the excellent execution done by first-class chefs, the friendly, knowledgeable service staff and an ambiance that will return the Country Mart to its glory days,” says lizziee.

See, the Brentwood Country Mart used to be an awesome place. There used to be great delis, great foods, and a great market. Jeffrey Cerciello, a culinary director from the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, has come on board to revamp the Country Mart. The FarmShop at the Country Mart involves expats from other Keller restaurants.

The FarmShop is currently open for breakfast and lunch. Already, in their first week, reports are that the food is lovely. There’s “steak and eggs”: house-made pastrami, roasted mushroom, green tomato ketchup, and sunny-side-up eggs. There’s Hangtown Fry, a frittata with grilled bacon, fried oysters, and pickled chiles. Portions are generous.

“The prices are on the steep side for breakfast/brunch, but consider: the brunch omelet is filled with the salmon rillette used at Bouchon,” argues fooddude37. “It’s served with a croissant made in house and is probably the best croissant in L.A. It’s also served with a side of Weiser farms fingerling potatoes cooked on the griddle and topped with caramelized onions and sea salt. So to compare it to your ‘typical’ brunch or breakfast isn’t really a fair comparison.”

They’ll be adding dinner, a butcher, a cured meat selection, a wine and cheese shop, and more.

The FarmShop at Brentwood Country Mart [Westside – Beaches]
225 26th Street, Santa Monica

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