One of the few complaints about Sripraphai, the Thai destination in Woodside, Queens, is that it’s closed on Wednesdays. For the last two weeks of 2008, forget about that. stuartlafonda, quoting signs posted in the restaurant, reports that it’ll be open Wednesday the 24th and Wednesday the 31st. The Panang pork curry, he adds, was a knockout on his latest visit.

Sri will also be open on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Plan on ringing out the year with jungle curry, fried watercress, and pork leg with chile and basil, seven days a week.

Sripraphai [Woodside]
64-13 39th Avenue (between 64th and 65th streets), Woodside, Queens

Board Link: Sripraphai is open on Wednesday 12/24 and 12/31

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