When in Walnut Creek, ’tis the season to pick up some stollen from Nuernberger’s German Bakery, says rworange. Not only is there special German Christmas stollen, but other flavors rotate: apple, cranberry-almond. All are made with quark, a fresh white cheese similar to ricotta, and many of the ingredients, even the flour, are imported from Germany. Cranberry-almond stollen is “full of flavor, buttery with tiny bits of candied orange and lemon peel that were wonderful with the tangy cranberry.” It also gets some kick from rum, although rum-less versions exist.

There’s also a soft and buttery kind of coffee cake with slices of fresh plums, and cookies such as the molasses star—delicious.

Nuernberger’s products can also be found at some farmers markets, including the Saturday Pinole market.

Nuernberger’s German Bakery [East Bay]
1354 Mt. Pisgah Road #4, Walnut Creek

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