bigjeff surveyed the vast Indonesian steam-table spread at Java Village and came up with a winner: an amazing version of beef rendang, “really really spoon-tender, deep spice flavor, beautifully big fatty cuts of meat.” Other good bets include banana fritters, crunchy and delicious, and es cendol, a rich, creamy coconut-caramel brew with green tapioca noodles.

There’s plenty more. Among other things, bigjeff spied fried fish and chicken, honey chicken wings, two or three jackfruit curries, and numerous tofu and tempeh choices, including an eye-catching dish of tofu and hard-boiled egg in “scary-red” curry—“just ask the lady behind the counter what’s good,” he advises.

Java Village, which recently replaced an undistinguished Chinese takeout joint, is already packing in the locals from morning to night, bigjeff reports. They’re drawn in partly by budget meals: one, two, or three choices over rice, topping out at $7 for the three-dish option.

Java Village [Elmhurst]
86-10 Justice Avenue (near 52nd Avenue), Elmhurst, Queens

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