Can a chicken stuffed into a duck, which is then stuffed into a turkey, be culinarily worthwhile? Or is the phenomenon of the turducken just novelty and mindless excess?

ipsedixit hates them. “If I want to eat turkey, I’ll make a turkey and make it properly,” says ipsedixit. “If I want a duck, I’ll roast a duck and do it right with a nice crispy skin and with the fat rendered out nicely. Ditto with chicken. Roast the bird spread eagle, and then serve. I’ve never had a good experience with turducken. Never made it myself (or ordered it online pre-assembled), but it just doesn’t taste very good.”

shelleykelly is also not a fan. “It was not a delightful experience. There was no taste distinction between the turkey/chicken and duck, and it boasted a 1,400mg/per serving dose of sodium. $51 I’ll never get back.”

But luckyfatima has had a good experience with turducken. “I ordered a smoked Cajun turducken for Thanksgiving this year. It was deeeelicious,” says luckyfatima. “The Cajun seasoning, Cajun rice stuffing, and professional smoking make it so extremely flavorful. The duck and chicken remained tender inside the turkey and it all made for a wonderful meal. This turducken was a beautiful beast and we will definitely be having one again next year. The thing is, I probably wouldn’t be as enthusiastic about a turducken or any whole bird if it weren’t smoked and full of Cajun flavah.”

scarmoza is also a convert. “The in-laws served a turducken for Thanksgiving dinner this year and I found it more flavorful and succulent than turkey as it’s usually served at Thanksgiving. It might be the only time they’ll serve it but at least it was an enjoyable and memorable experience.”

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