Karl’s Sausage Kitchen, long a Chowhound favorite for, amongst other things, triple-smoked bacon, has changed ownership. Three years ago. OK, so it’s not exactly hot news, but since the place is a bit of a hike from the Boston area, the hounds want to know: Is it still the same old wonderful place?

In a word, yes. Things have actually changed very little; the same well-loved products like the bacon remain just as good. “I talked to the new owners last year and they were pretty committed to keeping things the same,” says yumyum. “But the nice lady asked my German friend for any special requests or other products she’d like to see them carry.”

Other still-wonderful things: Black Forest ham, pork chops, and liverwurst. The weisswurst is still the same recipe as the old owner’s, but it used to be called white bratwurst. GretchenS says it’s a “superb light delicate treat.” She adds that all the sausages freeze well, so don’t be afraid to stock up, and don’t forget to get a landjaeger, a German salami, for the car ride home.

The store is well-stocked with Christmas items right now, seasonal baked goods in particular. And it’s open seven days a week all year now (it used to be open daily only during December).

Karl’s Sausage Kitchen [North Shore]
142 Broadway, Saugus

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