If you’re making drip coffee, chances are it’s with a filter in a plastic holder sitting over a generic glass coffee pot. I was. That setup has always delivered good coffee, but I thought it was ugly. Now I have a cute porcelain setup from Melitta. My mom scored one of these at a secondhand store, and I was holding out for my own thrifting luck, but I finally broke down and ordered one from Melitta’s website. I did manage to find a single-serve ceramic filter-holder at Goodwill, but for serving at a dinner party this is the way to go. It looks good going from stove to table, and serves six. I appreciate the well-designed pouring spout that doesn’t drip everywhere, and I like that I’m not running my coffee through any plastic whatsoever.

Porcelain 6 Cup Manual Coffeemaker, $39.99

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