Help a Lothario out? Chowhound bklneater seeks a pretheater option—a prematinee option, natch—for a “sexy” lunch or brunch. With his desire to find a place that’s “all that” featuring an “intimate atmosphere,” so far he’s been stumping most fellow hounds. He also requires a banquette upon which he can sit next to his date. These things are tough to find in the west 40s.

Apparently the Upper West Side is an option, and since there is “no upper limit on the budget,” one reader smartly suggested the window seats at Per Se. As for us, Bar Boulud came to mind—but we’d almost hate to spring brunchtime canoodling on unsuspecting fellow diners! Perhaps there’s a dimly lit lunch place that hasn’t occurred to anyone, where everyone else has love on the brain … before noon? Do weigh in.

Per Se [Midtown West]
10 Columbus Circle, Manhattan

Bar Boulud [Upper West Side]
1900 Broadway, Manhattan

Discuss: Mission impossible–a fantastic, sexy, intimate, hot, foodie pre theatre lunch or brunch?

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