daveena doesn’t like slimy oyster pancakes. Luckily for her, the excellent Taiwanese oyster pancakes, or o-ah jian, at Ju Ju Shine are completely unslimy. They are supple in parts, and silky in parts, but not slimy. “There’s a generous amount of baby bok choy and scallion, along with the oysters, and the whole mess has a nice touch of char/wok hay,” describes daveena. It’s topped with a “thin slick of sauce” that’s “sweet and gingery.”

The other stuff at Ju Ju Shine is “very homey,” says daveena. There is stinky tofu, braised pork belly and soy sauce over rice, and stir-fried cabbage with carrot. It is, in general, only all right, says daveena—some of the food is too tough or too salty. But the o-ah jian is very satisfying.

“The room is, quite frankly, hideous, with two clashing shades of green duking it out on the walls, a shelf of Japanese DVDs and manga next to the door, and scattered tchotchkes (some religious, some cats) giving it a distinctively ‘Summer at Grandma’s House in Taiwan’ vibe,” says daveena. “Going to Ju Ju Shine is like going to my Taiwanese aunt’s house for lunch,” agrees huaqiao. “The food is very homey and not very elegant, but it’s good hearty Taiwanese fare.”

Ju Ju Shine [South Bay]
1631 West Carson Street, Torrance

Board Link: Taiwanese Oyster Pancake (O-ah jian) at Ju Ju Shine (Torrance)

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