Great burgers, great fries, great milk shakes—a diner-food trifecta. But finding excellent versions of all three in one place can be tricky.

The Broken Record has top-notch burgers and fries, says chuckl, but no milk shakes. But they do have Four Roses on tap, says wineguy7, and some other burger-friendly brews, which might make up for that.

“Nopa also makes a damn good burger,” chuckl says—again, no milk shake, but there is that cocktail list!

Maybe the best in show would be Trueburger in Oakland, which gets multiple hound votes for great burger, fries, and shakes.

Broken Record [Excelsior]
1166 Geneva Avenue, San Francisco

Nopa [Western Addition]
560 Divisadero Street, San Francisco

Trueburger [East Bay]
146 Grand Avenue, Oakland

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