We all feel like getting drunk more often in these trying economic times. And if you still have a job, the good news is that it’s becoming easier to get drunk on the good stuff.

Yes, as recently occurred with white truffles, prices for fine wines are collapsing. The BBC notes that the cost for some of the highest of the high-end wines have declined by more than 25 percent since the summer.

And the drop in prices has also been reflected in the supermarkets of Great Britain where, according to the BBC piece, there has been “a marked fall in sales of £5 to £6 wines since the summer, together with a corresponding rise in sales of sub £5 bottles. And as a result, supermarkets have responded by cutting prices, and increasing their range of cheaper wines.”

This global gloom explains why the Wall Street Journal chose to do its Thanksgiving wine
tasting this year with value-priced Cabernets from Costco (which, it reports, has become the nation’s top retailer of wine).

No word yet on whether Two-Buck Chuck is poised to become One-Buck Chuck.

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