Bar Q, the pan-Asian grill from Chef Anita Lo (Annisa), is getting a second look from Chowhounds. Mostly unmoved by the place when it opened in spring, they’re coming around, drawn by an expanded menu and appealing flavor combinations.

rrems goes for, among other things, a grilled tuna appetizer—ribs (rarely served in restaurants), belly, and marrow—currently flavored with yuzu, green chile, and pickled cucumber. jdream loves the grilled squid salad, light and garlicky and served with a refreshing hijiki salad. Also recommended: tea-smoked salmon with quail egg, steamed lobster with rice-noodle spring rolls, stuffed spareribs (with basil, lemongrass, and peanut sauce), and seafood stew (salmon, shrimp, mussels, and clams in kimchee-anchovy broth with crispy silken tofu).

“For anyone who has tried Bar Q and been disappointed, and those who have hesitated because of mixed reviews,” rrems advises, “I would highly recommend giving it a try, as my experience indicates a continuing improvement in food and service.”

Bar Q [West Village]
308 Bleecker Street (near Grove Street), Manhattan

Board Link: Anita Lo–bar Q

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