Even though corn isn’t recognizable in most fast food offerings (with the exception of maybe the corn tortillas at Taco Bell, or part of the horror that is the KFC Famous Bowl), a University of Hawaii researcher has released a new study which points to the fact that, based on chemical markers, all fast food is corn-based.

It’s in the meat because virtually all of the animal feed in the U.S. is corn. It’s also in the corn oil that fries are cooked in, and the high fructose corn syrup that sweetens the beverages, catsup, and dessert.

Yeah, I know, Michael Pollan already told us this years ago. And there’s even been a movie that addresses corn’s impact. But this current study seems to be getting a lot of play, including a Q&A in Time with the study’s author, Hope Jahren:

“The last time I [ate fast food] was like 2004, long before I did this work. If you go and sit in one of these restaurants for several hours or if you visit a lot of them, there’s just kind of a real aura of misery and unhappiness—both in the place and the folks coming in and out. It’s striking compared to other restaurants. I think that’s what influenced me more than anything.”

True enough, but I thought scientific studies were supposed to be unbiased.

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