Beer studded with chicory? Chiles? Or tastes like cherry soda? Men’s Fitness has a line on five unusual brews it claims “you gotta try.”

Two chile-spiked beers are included amongst the offerings, including Cave Creek Chili Beer, which includes a hot pepper in each bottle, creating a drink that “will burn a hole in your stomach if you drink more than one or two” according to Men’s Fitness, and the smoky, slightly bitter Rogue Chipotle Ale. “You barely taste the chipotle” when you first take a drink but “you get a nice little kick about five seconds after you swallow.” Sounds an awful lot like heartburn to me.

Another beer with personality: Dogfish Head Chicory Stout, a mix which includes roasted chicory, coffee, and licorice. Men’s Fitness calls it “rich and spiced, with a definite coffee aftertaste and even a hint of cloves.” Surely that’s more macho than Lindemans Kriek Cherry Lambic, the Belgian ale called “almost like a cherry soda: sweet, highly carbonated, and distinctly cherry-flavored.”

And speaking of really rich, the tour includes Sam Adams Utopias, the 50 proof beer denoted as the world’s strongest beer by Guinness World Records, which I’m surprised contributes to such obvious marketing schemes. The World’s Heaviest Twins would be shocked and dismayed at how low you’ve sunk, Guinness.

Of course, Chowhounds knew Utopias was good stuff long before you, Men’s Fitness. Take that! And bottoms up.

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