Lobsta Truck is now the Los Angeles source for a primo lobster roll. Its $11 lobsta roll is perfect. “The roll (looks like a piece of bread folded in half and toasted—this is authentic, I have heard)” has “chunks—read CHUNKS—of lobster,” says WildSwede. “I had several claw-meat chunks. Cool, sweet, moist lobster that had been tossed with melted butter and a sprinkling of sea salt. That’s it. Pure, sweet, simple and oh so good!”

Lobsta Truck is bringing crab rolls, too, as soon as it can source the crab. The truck is just starting up, and appearances are currently rare.

WildSwede was there for the truck’s first-ever appearance, and it took an hour to get through the line and buy a lobster roll. Hopefully the lines will die down soon enough.

Lobsta Truck
Mobile truck; no formal address

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