The best pao de queijo—that’s Brazilian cheese bread—in the Bay Area is at Cafe Di Casa, a tiny diner in South San Francisco, says rworange. The bread “is almost the size of a baseball and has that wonderful texture where the cheese and flour become one and it is like eating a warm ball of soft cheese … which might not sound good but really is.”

There’s also coffee, ground to order and made by the cup. The fazenda variety is strong and full-bodied, reports rworange, and goes well with mane pelado, a coconut-yucca dessert bar that’s not too sweet.

A small case holds Brazilian snacks such as coxinha, kibe, and disco. The disco, a meat patty covered in seasoned bread crumbs, is pretty tasty but on the dry side.

In addition to the postcard-brief menu, there’s a specials board. Grill items like Brazilian hot dogs aren’t available in wet weather, as the grilling is done on the patio.

Cafe Di Casa [South San Francisco]
1165 Airport Boulevard, South San Francisco

Board Link: Cafe Di Casa – the BEST Brazilian cheese bread in the Bay Area, discos, and Fazenda coffee

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