reports that if you’re looking to cope with (or celebrate) today’s results with the purchase (and consumption) of alcohol, there are still places where archaic blue laws mean that you might be SOL. According to the site, seven states prohibit the sale of alcohol on both state and national election days: “This restriction is a relic of the Prohibition era when saloons sometimes served as polling stations. The only states that still cling to statewide Election Day sales bans of alcohol at restaurants, bars and package stores are Kentucky, Indiana and South Carolina. Utah and West Virginia still ban the sale of alcohol at package stores on Election Day. Alaska and Massachusetts also ban Election Day alcohol sales, except that local governments are authorized to provide an exemption from the ban.”

This could, of course, be the perfect excuse for an Election Day road trip, out-of-state party, out-of-state hotel room rental, “sick” day from work on Wednesday, and a lifetime of memories and/or regrets.

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