The specialty at Timmy O’s is frozen custard, a relative rarity in a town where the cold dessert of the moment is yogurt. jtl10 says it’s “simply the best frozen dessert of any type I’ve ever had.”

Timmy’s custard comes in chocolate, vanilla (Madagascar beans: excellent, says wew), and a flavor of the day—blueberry or coconut cream pie, for example. It can be ordered by itself, or it can anchor a root beer float or a sundae. The latter, when made with vanilla custard and caramel, is a singular treat, wew says; “the pure flavor of the custard contrasted well with the saltier, sweeter syrup.”

There’s an actual Timmy O behind this three-month-old operation, last name O’Leary, and he’s the kind of guy Chowhounds love: a frozen custard obsessive who studied at the Frozen Dessert Institute—no, we don’t make this stuff up—and laid the groundwork for his enterprise by undertaking a frozen custard road trip. For jtl10, “it’s worth visiting just to meet him.”

Timmy O’s [Corona]
49-07 104th Street (at 49th Avenue), Corona, Queens

Board Link: timmy o’s–soft serve at 104 st. and corona ave.

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