In the sea of mediocre Mexican and other ethnic restaurants near Pleasanton, La Pupusa House is an oasis of tastiness. The pupusas are just great, says kirinraj: “Slightly crisp on the outside with brown patches, a thin masa shell, and a generous filling.” The hand-patted pupusas are a generous 6–7 inches in diameter. Try revueltas (bean, cheese and chicharrones, or pork rind) or queso con rajas (cheese with roasted chiles) as fillings.

They do an “immensely satisfying” chicken soup, too, “with lots of chunks of chayote, potato, carrot, noodles, and a large bone in piece of chicken, and part of a chicken liver (more appetizing than it sounds),” says kirinraj. A huge bowl comes with two thick handmade tortillas.

The pupusa plate menu item is not a great deal for pupusa lovers, warns A Amore. For $5.95, you get one pupusa, plus a small amount of rice and beans and a couple bites of curtido (spicy cabbage slaw). Better to get two pupusas at $2.75 each.

La Pupusa House [East Bay]
1550 Railroad Avenue, Livermore

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