In my parenting circle, there seems to be two schools of thought on Halloween candy. There are those who favor letting the little nippers have a debauched couple of days on Halloween and the day after, then swooping in, confiscating the rest the candy, and sending it wherever you send a pillowcase stuffed with Smarties and American milk chocolate. Then there are people like us, who slowly dole it all out. Our daughter is still eating last year’s Halloween candy, a piece every couple of days in her lunchbox or after dinner, staleness be damned.

For the swoopers, NPR has just posted a useful batch of recipes. Instead of sending those fun-sized Snickers to the landfill, in “Grown-Up Tricks for Treats,” Susan Russo advocates using them in the extremely decadent-sounding Snickers Bar Bread Pudding. Want something less rustic and more elegant? How about the coconutty Mounds Of Joy Custards With Mounds Chocolate Sauce? Because, apparently, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.

I’m all for upscale deliciousness with downmarket ingredients, but what if your little kids cherry-pick all the passable chocolate out of their stash and all you’re left with is vile, filling-destroying Tootsie Rolls? If life gives you Tootsies, I always say, make cheesecake.

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