Salt cod must be soaked in water for a day or more in order to remove much of the salt and make it pliable. Then it’s used in a variety of dishes. Here are some Chowhounds’ favorites.

Brandade—salt cod, mashed potatoes, butter, cream, and garlic, served hot as a spread with good bread—is one of TheSnowPea’s favorite appetizers. Barely set scrambled eggs with chunks of salt cod is one of the best tapas Miss Mac has ever had. tmso bakes soaked salt cod with olives, capers, onion, potatoes, and olive oil, and he says you can rinse pieces of it and let it reconstitute directly in a pot of simmering beans.

Lemon Curry recommends the Basque dish bacalao al pil-pil, salt cod in garlic sauce, which is made by slowly poaching salt cod in garlic-infused oil so its gelatin helps emulsify the oil into a sauce.

mrsleny likes the bacalhau from The Nero Wolfe Cookbook, while jayt90 is a fan of the Caribbean dish ackee and saltfish, which he says justifies the high cost of ackee.

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