There’s lots more to do with sweet red grapes than simply snacking on them—but, for snacking, pigtails recommends freezing them, saying they’re “very satisfying and sorbet-like straight from the freezer.”

katecm recommends roasting or sautéing them with some thin-sliced shallots, thyme, sage, and a splash of wine, and serving alongside red meat. Glencora likes to cook them with shallots and serve with grilled sausages and soft polenta.

adirao recommends CHOW’s Grape and Grappa Focaccia, and JalamaMama says pizza with grapes, rosemary, and blue cheese is great.

Finally, for a sweet treat, katecm washes and dries grapes well and chills until very cold, then drizzles them with melted bittersweet chocolate, tosses them in cocoa, and chills them again. “They’re crisp, delicious, and refreshing.”

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