We’ve all substituted one ingredient for another in a pinch, but sometimes the change-up yields something even better than the original recipe.

Try using smooth peanut butter in place of butter in baked goods, suggests just_M. “Just adds that certain something to brownies, quick breads, and cookies” without announcing its presence, says just_M. goodhealthgourmet likes to use avocado instead of oil or butter in baked goods. tearingmonkey thinks using coarsely grated apple in place of oil in muffins “makes them light and moist.”

“I make hummus with Korean sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds that I blitz together,” says luckyfatima. “It is roasted and strong tasting and for me gives a more delicious flavor than traditional Arabic tahini, which is made from unroasted seeds.” Emmmily uses avocado in place of tahini in hummus. “Turns it green but it’s so smooth and lovely,” she says.

free sample addict aka Tracy L uses mayonnaise instead of butter on the exterior of sandwiches when grilling them. “It works so much better than butter,” concurs LauraGrace, making the bread “crispy without being overly greasy.”

mattstolz likes to use masa harina in place of flour for dredging meat and thickening sauces. “It gives a much more interesting flavor than plain old flour,” he says.

Discuss: Substitute ingredients that (unexpectedly?) worked better than the original?

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