Real biryani involves “aromatic layered saffron infused basmati rice with meat cooked on the bone in the rice,” says osho, but many places just serve “hastily thrown together rice and meat with generic masala” and call it biryani.

The biryani at Kabab & Curry’s is outstanding, says ceekskat, who considers it worth a 30-minute trek. “Both the chicken and goat are flavorful and incredibly moist but I felt there was more meat in the chicken version than the goat.” Quality does vary quite a bit, says osho. Biryani isn’t available all the time, so call ahead if you’re set on it. osho adds that lamb chops and seekh kebabs are top-notch.

Chicken biryani at Hyderabad House is delicious, says daveena, although she notes that Melanie Wong has reported the goat biryani is tasty, but meat is tough.

Taste Buds does a spicier, Andhra-style biryani, and when paired with eggplant masala it’s “a combo made by the gods,” says vaparna.

And osho got a tip from some Indian colleagues, who rave about Hyderabad Biryani House in Fremont.

Kabab & Curry’s [South Bay]
1498 Isabella Street, Santa Clara

Hyderabad House [Peninsula]
448 University Avenue, Palo Alto

Taste Buds [South Bay]
673 Grape Avenue, Sunnyvale

Hyderabad Biryani House [East Bay]
39134 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont

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