Chowhounds have lots of great ideas for cooking with prosciutto. oldbaycupcake wraps prosciutto around chicken breasts stuffed with Boursin and cooks; waver loves asparagus wrapped with prosciutto, spread with Boursin, and grilled. cassoulady wraps it around pork chops, sears them on both sides, and finishes them in the oven. souschef seasons halved fresh figs with salt and pepper and drizzles with balsamic vinegar, wraps them with prosciutto, and grills the whole shebang. coll sautées frozen peas with prosciutto and pine nuts in butter, salt, and pepper.

pondrat says this artichoke-prosciutto gratin is so good, “people actually scrape the serving dish for scraps.” He substitutes Gruyère for Gorgonzola when making it for people who don’t like blue cheese.

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Need ideas for leftover Prosciutto

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