Hominy, lye-treated corn with the hull removed, is sold in cans. It is used in posole, a Mexican pork stew. Here, Chowhounds share other uses for it.

KiltedCook makes a Southwestern succotash by simmering together one can each hominy with its liquid, diced green chiles, and drained and rinsed black beans, one tablespoon ground cumin, and one teaspoon chile powder until heated through. Serve with tortillas.

sadiefox recommends frying drained hominy in butter with your choice of seasonings and eating with eggs for breakfast. Will Owen likes to sauté it in butter with chopped onions and poblano chile, add eggs, and scramble all together.

Slurpy says this chicken posole is yummy and easy. soupkitten recommends a vegetarian posole, and says hominy makes a good addition to any hearty vegetable soup, especially Southwestern and South American-style ones.

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