Don Huarache serves cuisine “estilo DF”. This means that it’s in the style of Mexico’s Distrito Federal—another name for the Mexico City area. It is “the first serious Mexican food restaurant in the Valley,” declares our resident expert on Mexican cuisine, streetgourmetla.

There are real quesadillas preparadas. This means quesadillas of fresh, raw masa, pressed out, filled, and then either deep-fried or cooked on a flat iron griddle. There are also fresh masa sopes. The specialty of the house is huaraches estilo DF. On the weekends, there is barbacoa de borrego (barbecued lamb), and homemade menudo.

There is homemade chicharron prensado, which you can’t even get in East LA, says streetgourmetla as well as tinga de pollo, a spicy chicken dish. “The chicharron prensado was unreal, so balanced in flavor and just blended beautifully with the crema, lettuce, beans, and cheese,” says streetgourmetla. “The tinga was spicy and oozing with complex tastes. I’m officially blown away.”

Don Huarache [San Fernando Valley–East]
10719 Burbank Boulevard, North Hollywood

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