Food Prices On the Way Up Again: The Wall Street Journal reports that restaurants and supermarkets in the U.S. are poised to start passing their rising ingredient costs onto consumers. The cause: growing demand for meat in emerging markets, which drives up grain costs, coupled with grain price increases due to the Russian drought and other planting problems globally. via Wall Street Journal

Less Turkey, More Holiday Ham? This year, 2 percent fewer turkeys were raised than last year, reports the Chicago Tribune, which means higher prices, too, about 16 cents more a pound. No tragic turkey shortage is anticipated, so don’t go hoarding poultry. via Chicago Tribune

SF to Children: No Fattening Toys for You: Supervisors in San Francisco approved a ban on using toys to sell meals that don’t meet certain nutritional guidelines to kids. via Nation’s Restaurant News

Non-Shocker of the Week: Big meat is not pleased with guidelines the FDA is proposing to limit the use of antibiotics in livestock to when the animals are sick. The FDA is concerned that excessive antibiotic use is leading to the growth of “new strains of bacteria that are difficult to treat.” via Washington Post

Thread(s) of the Week: By now everyone has probably heard about the Cooks Source magazine scandal. If not, briefly, the previously little-known food mag (newsletter?) is accused of plagiarizing content from the Internet (including and republishing it with no attribution. The silver lining: a huge public outcry of people discussing how much plagiarism sucks and defending quality work online. Check out the threads here, here, and here.

A Good (Short!) Read: Eater National reports on Eddie Huang’s new Four Loko promotion.

Debuts, Openings, and Other Beginnings:

• The “food books in my pants” meme launches on Twitter. Yes, we aren’t making that up.

• Food Network launches a new app (and so does CHOW!).

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