Jang Su Jang is apparently the place for businessmen to lunch in Santa Clara, with good food, nice ambience, and several private rooms.

Seafood pancake is a good way to start—a huge, crisp thing like a medium pizza topped with octopus and the like. A little crunchy, a little greasy, and pretty tasty, says hhc.

As with most Bay Area Korean places, there’s soondubu (soft tofu) stew with a variety of add-ins like seafood (good) and dumplings (mediocre). Less common, and a little odd in an upscale restaurant, is the Johnson tang, or army base stew, a hot-pot concoction of packaged ramen, Spam, and hot dogs in a soupy red broth. Interesting, but just OK, comments hhc.

“This is our new favorite Korean restaurant,” says Claudette, who enjoys the barbecue and notes that Jang Su Jang offers thinly sliced daikon to wrap the grilled meats instead of lettuce leaves like other places.

But the mini yogurt drinks served free at the end of the meal may be an acquired taste—they reminded me of orange-flavored baby aspirin.

Jang Su Jang [South Bay]
3561 El Camino Real, Santa Clara

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