The owners of Sonoma restaurant the girl & the fig have opened a new place just down the street, Estate. In the stately house that was formerly the General’s Daughter, Estate fills an untapped niche in Sonoma, says rworange: upscale regional Italian food.

It’s not every day you come across house-made lonzo. The Corsican-style salumi is made from pork loin that’s steeped in a mixture of herbs and wine, then air-dried. Paper-thin slices, delicate in flavor, pair harmoniously with a topping of chopped pears and fennel. There’s also a nice salad of arugula and flavorful peaches, crisscrossed with strips of lardo and tossed in an excellent balsamic reduction.

Seafood, pasta and some heartier entrees round out the menu. Many items are available as half dishes. For dessert, rworange notes that the olive oil cake lacks flavor and comes topped with underripe figs; strange, considering who owns this place.

The wine list, naturally, focuses on California and Italy, though there are some vintages from Down Under. On the nonalcoholic tip, elderberry Italian soda tastes lovely, kind of like fresh litchi.

The layout hasn’t changed since General’s Daughter days, but the vibe is less formal and more fun. The staff is very pleasant; rworange has found service a bit standoffish at the girl & the fig, but that’s not the case here.

the girl & the fig [Sonoma County]
110 West Spain Street, Sonoma

Estate [Sonoma County]
400 West Spain Street, Sonoma

Board Link: Sonoma: Estate is open–lonzo, lardo and olive oil cake

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