When Josh Ozersky left New
magazine’s Grub Street blog
a few weeks ago to go work for Citysearch, some head-scratching ensued. It seemed like an odd match. What mysterious project could Mr. Cutlets be working on?

Now, Ozersky’s new gig has been unveiled to the public. It’s called
The Feedbag, and it’s, wait for it … a blog. Pretty much exactly like Grub Street, except with faux newspaper graphics. Its name recalls Time Out New York’s blog The Feed, and they’re not happy (the Feedbag is also the name of at
least two
pet food
). Its content, the mission statement promises, will include news, features, and “guest columns from some of the top men in the field.”

Men, huh? Although I’m sure it’s non-gender-specific men we’re talking about. As of this posting, however, no women have been the subjects of features on The Feedbag’s front page except the bikini-clad waitresses at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone (possibly NSFW). Feature topics have included Coolio, Patrick Connolly, and
King of Spain
. It’s so male it’s like the Drudge Report of food blogs.

So let’s get this straight: Citysearch lured Ozersky away from Grub Street to create a clone of Grub Street, but with more testosterone and with links to Citysearch listings. Man, we were so hoping it would be more ambitious than that.

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