Autumn is upon us, a time when young men’s fancies lightly turn to thoughts of … bread-baking.

On Saturday, the Minimalist revealed that he has made the recipe for the ubiquitous no-knead bread even more shortcutty. By increasing the yeast, he created a white and a whole-grain version of no-knead bread that can be made in an afternoon, as opposed to the 18 hours the original version takes.

Meanwhile, the Guardian’s Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is feeling impatient too. He wants bread and he wants it now. His solution is not more yeast, but hearty whole-grain quick breads like Irish soda bread, rotis, and the oatmeal-based griddle-cooked bread called bannock.

Now all you need for a perfect rainy-day meal is a good recipe for a nice hot bowl of soup.

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