Karma, a tiny new spot on Sixth Avenue, specializes in Himalayan food, all vegetarian.

The momos (dumplings) are made to order, with curry sauce on the side. “I could eat these for a week and still be wowed with every forkful,” raves rahir. Xiao Yang describes the flavor as gently savory, with the filling including mushrooms, noodles, garlic, and onion.

The brief menu of Tibetan/Nepalese specialties also includes noodle soup, lentil soup, noodle salad, and green salad with feta. Lentil soup is thick and flavorful, says rahir, and noodle salad is fresh-tasting, with plenty of vegetables, baked tofu slices, and housemade sauce.

Dishes are around $6. They’re planning to expand the menu soon, but the space will remain small: There’s just a two-top inside and a bench outside. Takeout is recommended, as is dining intimately with the “personable and amazing” Chef Tye nearby.

Karma [Richmond]
200 Sixth Avenue, San Francisco
No phone available

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