A Photo Shoot in the Test Kitchen

Today was my first day back at the test kitchen after being on vacation for a few weeks. My first task was to make a pineapple upside-down cake for a photo shoot, and to make it with a CHOW twist, of course.

Instead of using canned pineapple rings, I spread small pieces of fresh pineapple evenly on the base of the cake. That way, when we flipped it upside down, the entire cake would be a nice golden yellow. Sadly, the first cake turned out to be a complete failure because I didn’t read the recipe correctly. I put too much batter in the baking dish, and the middle of the cake collapsed.

The second cake came out a lot better (even though Aida almost dropped it while turning it upside down!), and we were able to get the shot. Success—it’s good to be back.

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