Seems like just yesterday mixologists were muddling agave syrup into their market-fresh, botanically correct cocktails as if it was goin’ out of style. Well, it was. Although initially believed to always have a lower glycemic index than high-fructose corn syrup or sugar, and to be a raw, uncooked product with more vitamins and minerals, this agave-plant byproduct is proving to be not so very different, gasp, from HFCS!

Turns out it’s not raw at all, but processed, often at high heats, and some brands are even rumored to be cut with high-fructose corn syrup by less scrupulous producers.

Check out this patent that explains how agave syrup is made, and tell us if it sounds like health food to you. Stick to honey, people! At least you know it comes from a bee.

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