People always tell me how great my job is because I get to eat all day. But too much of anything is a bad thing—particularly if that thing, well, tastes bad. After primping and preening the likes of our Grape and Grappa Focaccia for its moment in the photo studio, the food team dug into the third (or maybe fourth) test of a sweet potato spoon bread. We’ve been experimenting with different types of sweet potatoes, grinds of cornmeal, and cooking times, hoping to get it right after this latest round of testing. And I thought we had, until Amy and I tasted the spoon bread.

It took a minute to register, but after looking at each other, we both ran to the trash can to spit it out. Even after all of the recipe testing, the spoon bread was still a tasteless, neon-colored mush. It was clear that neither the sweet potato nor CHOW would be better off for it. So, just as often as we’re working to give you new recipes that are fun, reliable, and tasty, we’re also getting rid of the underachievers.

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