The San Francisco Ferry Building will be ground zero for Asian-food aficionados in October, as the Asian Culinary Forum hosts its first ever symposium, Asian Food Beyond Borders, which will cap off the ACF’s three-day-long event of the same name.

The weekend’s fascinating lineup includes hands-on activities such as a Chinatown culinary tour; panel discussions on the politics of rice farming; workshops on how to pair wine with Asian food (what does one drink with chicken feet anyway?); the changing traditions of tea; and the role of narrative in Asian food cultures. My favorite of the planned events is perhaps the free “ask the experts” clinic where you can bring in confounding recipes, ingredients, and kitchen tools for clarification. There’s also the star factor of having Madhur Jaffrey, Martin Yan, Roy Fong, James Oseland, and Olivia Wu all in the same room for the symposium.

Or you might just want to come for the jook and dumplings from Slanted Door—most likely the best conference breakfast you’re ever going to get.

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