At long last, there are now sustainable seafood cards for sushi. (Well, almost: The Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Blue Ocean Institute, and Environmental Defense Fund will jointly release their cards at the end of October at Tataki Sushi in San Francisco, which Monterey Bay’s director calls the country’s only fully sustainable sushi restaurant.) The existing sustainable seafood guides weren’t much help if you were considering ordering sea urchin roe, and now, if you look at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s list, which ChewsWise’s Samuel Fromartz tracked down, you’ll be comforted by the fact that uni’s a best choice.

Assuming it comes from Canada, that is. California’s uni is only a good alternative, and uni from Maine should simply be avoided. Got that? All of which is to say: This isn’t obvious. And it’d be a lot easier if restaurants took the burden of sustainability on themselves, as Fromartz points out. But they’re not. So you’re stuck asking if the tuna was pole-caught or not. And shouldn’t that piss all of us off more than it does? Just asking.

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